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20876 messages gov.us.fed.congress.record.extensions Extension of remarks in the Congressional Record. (Moderated)
4763 messages gov.us.fed.congress.gao.reports Reports from the Government Accounting Office. (Moderated)
331 messages gov.us.fed.congress.discuss Followup discussions on Congress. (Moderated)
42 messages gov.us.fed.congress.documents Congressional documents.
33 messages gov.us.fed.congress.reports Congressional reports.
17 messages gov.us.fed.congress.bills.senate Bill text from the Senate. (Moderated)
15 messages gov.us.fed.congress.bills.house Bill text from the House. (Moderated)
14 messages gov.us.fed.congress.gao.decisions Decisions from the Comptroller General. (Moderated)
13 messages gov.us.fed.congress.gao.discuss Discussion on the Government Accounting Office. (Moderated)
12 messages gov.us.fed.congress.calendar.senate Senate calendar of activities. (Moderated)
10 messages gov.us.fed.congress.calendar.house House calendar of activities. (Moderated)
8 messages gov.us.fed.congress.record.digest Digest from the Congressional Record. (Moderated)
7 messages gov.us.fed.congress.gao.announce Announcements about the Government Accounting Office. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.fed.congress.record.index Index to the Congressional Record. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.fed.congress.record.senate Senate pages from the Congressional Record. (Moderated)
3 messages gov.us.fed.congress.announce Announcements about Congress. (Moderated)
1 messages gov.us.fed.congress.record.house House pages from the Congressional Record. (Moderated)