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20024 messages gov.us.topic.info.abstracts.print Abstracts of new publications available in hard copy. (Moderated)
1305 messages gov.us.topic.info.libraries.govdocs Government documents libraries. (Moderated)
42 messages gov.us.topic.info.abstracts.cdrom Abstracts of new CD-ROM releases. (Moderated)
28 messages gov.us.topic.info.libraries.technology Library information technology discussion. (Moderated)
21 messages gov.us.topic.info.abstracts.epub Abstracts of new publications available electronically. (Moderated)
16 messages gov.us.topic.info.abstracts.infosystems Abstracts of new online systems and services. (Moderated)
10 messages gov.us.topic.info.policy.announce Announcements on government information policy. (Moderated)
1 messages gov.us.topic.info.policy.misc Discussions on government information policy. (Moderated)