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9 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov.diplomatic.security World diplomacy and security.
8 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov.global.communications Global communciations. (Moderated)
2 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov World governemnt news. (Moderated)
pub_1 world_2 gov_3 2 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov.democracy.human-rights World human rights/democracy. (Moderated)
1 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov.analysis World government analysis. (Moderated)
1 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov.fire.police World public safety issues. (Moderated)
1 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov.press-review Press review of world govt. (Moderated)
0 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov.economic World economic news. (Moderated)
0 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov.public-service World public service news. (Moderated)
0 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov.summary.48hours Previous 48 hours gov't news. (Moderated)
0 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov.summary.french World govt news in French. (Moderated)
0 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov.summary.russian World govt news in Russian. (Moderated)
0 messages newsguy.pub.world.gov.summary.spanish World govt news in Spanish. (Moderated)