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267 messages staroffice.com.test Test newsgroup access and newsgroup functions in StarOffice. (english)
212 messages staroffice.com.support.starwriter Q&A regarding the wordprocessor in StarOffice. (english)
210 messages staroffice.com.support.misc Questions and answers regarding StarOffice not covered elsewhere. (english)
134 messages staroffice.com.support.starcalc Q&A regarding the spreadsheet in StarOffice. (english)
99 messages staroffice.com.chat Chat with other StarOffice users. (english)
75 messages staroffice.com.support.install.windows Q&A regarding installation of StarOffice on MS Windows 95/98/NT. (english)
69 messages staroffice.com.support.starbasic Q&A regarding the macro programming language in StarOffice. (english)
62 messages staroffice.com.support.install.linux Q&A regarding installation of StarOffice on Linux. (english)
57 messages staroffice.com.feature Discuss StarOffice features and suggestions for improvement. (english)
43 messages staroffice.com.support.stardiscussion Q&A regarding the newsreader in StarOffice (english)
42 messages staroffice.com.support.install.solaris Q&A regarding installation of StarOffice Solaris SPARC/x86. (english)
41 messages staroffice.com.support.starimpress Q&A regarding the presentation modul in StarOffice. (english)
39 messages staroffice.com.support.install.os2 Q&A regarding installation of StarOffice on OS/2. (english)
37 messages staroffice.com.support.starschedule Q&A regarding the organizer in StarOffice. (english)
32 messages staroffice.com.support.starbase Q&A regarding the data base management modul in StarOffice. (english)
32 messages staroffice.com.support.starchart Q&A regarding the business charting modul in StarOffice. (english)
31 messages staroffice.com.support.stardesktop Q&A regarding the Workplace in StarOffice. (english)
31 messages staroffice.com.support.stardraw Q&A regarding the draw editor in StarOffice. (english)
31 messages staroffice.com.support.starwriter-web Q&A regarding browsing and editing of web pages with StarOffice. (english)
30 messages staroffice.com.support.starmail Q&A regarding the e-mail client in StarOffice. (english)
27 messages staroffice.com.support.starimage Q&A regarding the image editor in StarOffice. (english)
24 messages staroffice.com.support.starmath Q&A regarding the formular editor in StarOffice. (english)
0 messages staroffice.com.support.announce Announcements from StarOffice Customer Support. (english) (Moderated)